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What Is SEO?

What goes into SEO?

One factor of SEO is the quality of traffic and their relevance… Let me explain.

What this means is that Google or the other search engines need to determine what type of traffic is coming to your website. If you have heaps of references to Apple.com, but your site is actually a fruit shop, then there will be a bit of a miss match, and Google doesn’t like that.

So when it comes to the quality of traffic coming to your site, it needs to be relevant to the content that is on your page.

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One of the major factors that Google uses to determine the relevancy of your content is that it looks at the anchor texts point to your site. If you’re not familiar with anchor text, this is basically the text that is on another site which when clicked on is directed to your site (or any other site for that matter).

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For example, if I have a site about home improvements, and you have a site about plumbing.

If we want to “collaborate” and make Google understand more so that your site is about plumbing, what I’d do is, I’d write an article about one of my recent home improvement projects, such as a recent reno that I just completed.

Within this article I would talk about plumbing in some way, maybe the renovation needed the toilet to be moved to the other site of the bathroom as it was being re-done.

I could then mention your site example “Your Name Plumbing” I would also make it so that “Your Name Plumbing” would be underlined as a hyperlink so that when you clicked on that link, it’ll bring you to that website.

So what’s the anchor text in this instance? If you said “Your Name Plumbing” you got it right.

If you said “Your Name Plumbing” you got it right.

So just help you understand a little more clearly, Google is only (ha ha only) a machine that continuously learns, so our job as SEOs are to help Google learn.

Since my site is about home improvements, and I send a link to your site about plumbing, it makes sense to most people and including Google, that our two sites should be linked up as they are relevant to each other.

However if my home improvement website was linked to your mobile mechanic business there is not much relevance there, and it could confuse Google, and because the connection isn’t clear, your site and mine, will not be ranked as highly as it could if the links were more relevant.

The next major thing in SEO is the Amount Of Traffic to your website.

There numerous factors that come into play when we talk about the amount of traffic that is coming to your site.

This includes where that traffic is coming from, such as are they coming to your site from another website? (it also matters if that site is relevant of not)

It also matters if that traffic is coming from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the many others that are out there.

And finally, Google looks favorably at the amount of traffic coming to your website that is from Google search results.

Meaning if someone typed in your keyword (service/product) and they found you in the search result and landed on your website from there, Google really likes that.

Tons more factors go into effective SEO, and so many different angles to look at it.

I find that successful SEO is really about the sum of all the parts, rather than the latest hack or trick. We all must keep in mind that Google is a learning machine that is always analyzing data and trends.

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Through the results of these trends, the developers over at Google are continually updating and changing their algorithms to prevent people from manipulating the search results (which really is what SEO is all about).

All this means is that if you want to remain successful is SEO, you must continually learn more, and regularly test to see what is working and what is no longer working.

Because of this simple factor, we have hundreds of test websites that we are always testing and putting it to the limits to see what is current. This way we are 100%, the methods that we apply to our client’s websites are efficient, safe and very effective.

I’ve added a few videos to explain some of the other details of SEO that might be helpful to you.

Also here are some links to the best places (other than our website) that you can stay up to date with SEO and make sure you’re doing search engine marketing work that is effective and that you are doing it a way that not only works right now but will continue to work in the years to come.

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