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Increase Your Traffic

Get your business in front of those people searching for what your offering, by dominating Google rankings.

Make More Money

More traffic gives your greater chance to make more conversions, increasing your revenue, month after month.

More Customers

Our proven methods get more people into your store, onto your website and calling your phone.

DISCOVER… How YOU Could 10x Your Business

search engine marketing is our specialty. If you’ve wanted to drastically improve your google search rankings so that more business comes your way… our expert SEO strategies are for you!

“Mark is full of innovative ideas to help build online marketing strategies. I am impressed by his knowledge and would highly recommend him for your search engine optimization needs.”

Derek IwasiukCEO Engage The Crowd

“Mark is a highly skilled marketer and SEO professional that I’ve had the pleasure to work with… He really knows his stuff and we get amazing results when we do work together.”

Jeff PittardFounder – ALT Roofing Pros

Welcome to Bouncy Media Digital Marketing, we are a Expert Hobart SEO Company, here to help you with all your digital marketing needs so you can get more customers to your business.

Imagine… What type of position would you be in if you could get more people to come to your website?

Imagine… What type of impact would that have on you and your business

Imagine… Having the problem of TOO many new customers…

Search Marketing is very much a science as it is an art.

By making your website appear on the first page of Google, your business will be in front of so many people that are looking for that product or service you’re offering.

The amount of visitors you’ll get to your website will dramatically increase.

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“It’s insane when you think about it… “

In today’s world, search engines have become the gateway to all life’s queries and questions, whether you’re looking for a dentist, plumber, candlestick maker, or maybe you’re just pondering some of life’s deepest questions…

Chances are if you’re searching for a solution, you’re searching online, just like everybody else…

The problem many businesses face is that they already have a viable solution but they have can’t find people who need to buy their solution, which is a major reason why so many businesses fail within just a few years of starting.

Not being on page 1 of Google is like having a store in the middle of the desert, no one will find you!

This is why we here at Bouncy Media are so valuable.

We use advanced search engine marketing strategies to get our clients ranking on Google, so that people searching for answers to their problems find our clients businesses and buy their solutions.

Not only will we get your business more traffic by being ranked higher, we will also take care of your web design needs, handle your social media accounts so you can build up your brand and social following without having to spend your time doing it.

We want to help you succeed.

“I’d definitely recommend working with Mark and his team at Bouncy Media if you’re looking to boost your businesses visibility! He’s incredibly knowledgeable in ranking sites and bringing relevant traffic to your business. If you’re serious about increase your profits, Mark is the way to go!”

JT CloughFounder Wonder Dog Fund

“I highly recommend working with Mark if you need SEO work done for your company. He is well versed in understanding customers needs as well as what the big search engines are looking for. Mark can boost your company’s online presence so you can boost your bottom line.”

Seth KaufmanCEO at Vine Concepts

“Take one look at Mark’s website and you know he means business. What I am talking about is bringing you complete professionalism in all that he does. Mark is at the top of the SEO game and he will get results for you.”

Sean CavanaughFounder at Premiere Home Improvement and Service Pros

 Who Are We?

We here at Bouncy Media Hobart SEO our Search Marketing Consultants have a deep understanding of how the Google search algorithm works, and we use this knowledge to get our clients websites to rank in Google so that your potential customers find YOU instead of your competitors.

Before you decide, you want to contact us to help with your digital marketing… Just make sure that you’re in a position to be able to handle more customers, more clients, more phone calls and more enquirers, etc.

Allowing us to improve your Google search rankings will get your business in front of many more people that are searching for the things your company offers.

When your hire Search Marketing Consultants you can expect positive results. Our SEO Experts have helped many businesses in Hobart achieve massive returns in their business.

SEO is becoming more and more popular with businesses everywhere. Large corporations also realize that traditional marketing just does not cut it. Even using things like Google Adwords, which allows you to target your ad to specific keywords is proving to be such a significant investment, with not a very favourable ROI.

Just think about it, when you do a Google search,  do you often click on those “paid ads” that appear on page 1, or do you usually click on the organic search results (not an ad)?

With our SEO Services, it also lets you choose the keywords that you want to target (e.g. “Hobart Mobile Mechanic” or “Back Pain Hobart”) and gets your website showing up in the top of the organic results.

If you’d like to find out how we can get your business a high ranking, just click on this link and fill out the discovery form. By doing this, you’ll be giving us all the information we require to be able to give you the best possible service.

Once you fill out the discovery form, we’ll complete a FREE analysis of your website, and within the next few days put our findings together and give this information to you. No obligation, just valuable information.

Make Sure You’re Taking Advantage Of Your Local Search Market

What Can We Do For YOU?

We here at Bouncy Media Hobart also offer a range of services to help your business:
  • Drive More Consistent Traffic To Your Website
    • We’ll rank the keywords YOU want on the 1st page of Google where all the money is.
    • We’ll boost your social media profiles so your customers have more ways to find you.
  • Website Design
    • We’ll help you optimize your site so that it converts well.
  • Social Media Management
    • Been wanting to capitalize on the social media movement? But don’t have time? Or just not sure what to do? That’s ok; we’ve got you covered.
  • Mobile website optimization
    • Is you website mobile friendly?
    • Google has made changes recently which it now heavily favours those websites which are mobile optimised, meaning that if your website is hard to read on a mobile device, it’s not liked by Google, and they’ll drop your rankings so low that it’ll be almost a miracle if people would find your business by using a search engine.
  • YouTube Marketing
    • Like us, most people LOVE video – we have proven methods of ranking any video in Youtube and in Google.
    • Video is proven to increase conversions. Let us help you increase yours.

Stop Letting Your Competitors Get Your Customers

Whats the difference between PPC & SEO?

Watch the short video below…

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