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Get your business in front of those people searching for what your offering, by dominating Google rankings.

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More traffic gives your greater chance to make more conversions, increasing your revenue, month after month.

More Customers

Our proven methods get more people into your store, onto your website and calling your phone.

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digital marketing is our specialty. If you've wanted to drastically improve your google search rankings & social media presence so that more business comes your way... our expert strategies are for you!

"Mark is full of innovative ideas to help build online marketing strategies. I am impressed by his knowledge and would highly recommend him for your search engine optimization needs."
Derek IwasiukCEO Engage The Crowd
"Mark is a highly skilled marketer and SEO professional that I've had the pleasure to work with... He really knows his stuff and we get amazing results when we do work together."
Jeff PittardFounder - ALT Roofing Pros

Welcome to Bouncy Media, we are a Expert SEO & Social Media Agency based in Sydney, here to help you with all your digital marketing needs so you can get more customers to your business.

Imagine… What type of position would you be in if you could get more people to come to your website?

Imagine… What type of impact would that have on you and your business

Imagine… Having the problem of TOO many new customers…

Search Marketing is very much a science as it is an art.

By making your website appear on the first page of Google, your business will be in front of so many people that are looking for that product or service you’re offering.

The amount of visitors you’ll get to your website will dramatically increase.


“It’s insane when you think about it… “


In today’s world, search engines have become the gateway to all life’s queries and questions, whether you’re looking for a dentist, plumber, candlestick maker, or maybe you’re just pondering some of life’s deepest questions...

Chances are if you're searching for a solution, you're searching online, just like everybody else...

The problem many businesses face is that they already have a viable solution but they have can't find people who need to buy their solution, which is a major reason why so many businesses fail within just a few years of starting.

Not being on page 1 of Google is like having a store in the middle of the desert, no one will find you!

This is why we here at Bouncy Media are so valuable.

We use advanced search engine marketing strategies to get our clients ranking on Google, so that people searching for answers to their problems find our clients businesses and buy their solutions.

Not only will we get your business more traffic by being ranked higher, we will also take care of your web design needs, handle your social media accounts so you can build up your brand and social following without having to spend your time doing it.

We want to help you succeed.


"I'd definitely recommend working with Mark and his team at Bouncy Media if you're looking to boost your businesses visibility! He's incredibly knowledgeable in ranking sites and bringing relevant traffic to your business. If you're serious about increase your profits, Mark is the way to go!"
JT CloughFounder Wonder Dog Fund
"I highly recommend working with Mark if you need SEO work done for your company. He is well versed in understanding customers needs as well as what the big search engines are looking for. Mark can boost your company’s online presence so you can boost your bottom line."
Seth KaufmanCEO at Vine Concepts
"Take one look at Mark's website and you know he means business. What I am talking about is bringing you complete professionalism in all that he does. Mark is at the top of the SEO game and he will get results for you."
Sean CavanaughFounder at Premiere Home Improvement and Service Pros


SEO Analysis & Marketing Strategy


Part of a successful search marketing campaign is understanding what keywords and phrases people are already searching for in relationship to the products and services you are offering.

We will conduct a detailed SEO Analysis of your website, discovering which keywords would be most suited to target first, and work out a specific plan for future keywords.

We’ll give you a FREE video analysis of your site and let you know how you can get loads more customers to your site. If you want this just fill in our quick discovery form so we can get started.

We will work with you to understand your customers' buyer intent and structure a plan around those statements to drive highly targeted traffic to your business.

Click Here For An INSTANT Website SEO Audit For Your Business Website…

Yours FREE, it’s as easy as entering in your website!

Competitive Analysis


Bouncy Media will also conduct a complete competitive analysis. We'll find out what keywords your competitors are currently ranking for, if they're paying for search engine advertising such as Adwords and we'll also find out what you’ll need to do to be ranked higher than them in the search results.

When we use this information we gain the competitive edge over your top competitors.

Your Website (On-Site Optimisation)


The way your website is structured, the amount of content and how your content is optimised, all play a major role in the amount of traffic you get.

Part of our service includes a deep analysis of your website's architecture and optimising it based on the current best practices and what is currently working.

The majority of these changes can be done behind the scenes of your site so visually your site will look the same if you so wish. If you decide you want to redesign your site to better help with conversions and make it more user friendly we can offer suggestions to your web designer or our expert web designer can make the changes for you.

Social Media Management


We will create posts and content specifically for your social platform, posting to your accounts at optimal times throughout the day and evening.

Saving you time whilst growing your online presence.

You can even use our scheduling platform for FREE. Save tons of time doing all your social media posts in blocks of time - set and forget.

Get Access Here: Social Media Scheduler

YouTube Marketing


The popularity of video is increasingly growing. Statistics show that a video thumbnail is more likely to be clicked on when found in the search results

compared to other standard links.

We will rank your YouTube videos, so they show up as high in both Google search results as well as YouTube search results (YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world - following behind Google).




You want to see the results of your investment. Bouncy Media will provide you with regular reports.

We will closely monitor your targeted keywords and track their daily movement, we’ll also track many other keywords which over time you’ll see improvements in their rankings.

You'll Get:

  • Daily keyword rank tracking reports
  • Monthly detailed report of your site (to really understand what's going on with your site)



Stop Letting Your Competitors Get Your Customers

Whats the difference between PPC & SEO?

Watch the short video below...


Click Here For An INSTANT Website SEO Analysis For Your Business Website…

Yours FREE, it’s as easy as entering in your website!

Why Does Your Company Need Local SEO Marketing?


Is your company optimized for local search engine marketing? If not, and you’re asking the question “Why is this important? How does it affect me?” Then the following reasons will help explain the importance of SEO especially for local businesses.

You might not think about it much – but over the past decade all types of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have been creating an interweaved bond with the internet – and it’s here to stay.

Go out to any place, restaurant, the pub or just the shops and you'll see, not one or two individuals but, numerous numbers of people using their smartphones for a wide range of stuff.

People no longer need to wait until they get home or to work to use the internet, instead, they are jumping online using their phones from wherever they are.

Meaning if you’re not optimized for “local business” online you’ll be missing out on a large portion of potential customers.


Customers Depend On Their Phone For Solutions


“Local Search” is the term that refers to the way the search engine’s now operate. Search engines through using IP addresses, GPS and satellites can monitor you (and your mobile device) to particular places which they in turn use to supply you with a more “valuable experience” when you go online to perform an internet search.

 What does a “valuable experience” mean?

Let’s imagine you’re visiting friends out of town for a couple of days. One of the nights you’re at their place by yourself and you start getting hungry for Thai food… You don’t have any ingredients, and you’re not up for cooking dinner in someone else’s house.

What do you do? You’ll pull out your phone and do a quick Google search “Thai Food” Or “Thai food delivery”. Now by using your GPS location the search engine will show you the all the Thai restaurants near you.

If you’re a local Thai restaurant you’d want your restaurant to show up first for that search right? Because the first organic results gets about 40-50% of the people that search that term.

We can help put your business where all those people hungry for your product or service are.


How’s Your Site’s Mobile Responsiveness & Page Load Speeds & Why Should YOU Care?


The latest statistic shows that more people are searching from their mobile devices, compared to using their desktop computers, in fact the latest figure is about 65-70% of all searches performed are from mobile devices.

If you have a business website and it’s not mobile friendly – that ain’t smart, Google is actually penalizing sites that aren’t mobile-friendly and stopping them from ranking in the search results.

If you’re a local business with a website it’s even more vital that your site is mobile optimized as your local search rankings on mobile devices can make or break your business by the amount of new customers coming into your site.

Page load speeds are another major factor you should consider fixing if your site is not up to standard. Not only will Google’s algorithm favour your site if it loads quickly, research shows that your conversions decrease, the lower your page speeds are. If you have a site that takes more than a couple of seconds to load, half the users are likely to give up on your site and move on to the next.


Make Sure You're Taking Advantage Of Your Local Search Market

Would You Rather Do The SEO Yourself?


If you want to undertake search engine optimization yourself for your particular business, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Internet Marketing using search engine techniques is not just a once off thing. It requires frequent attention, especially since search engine algorithms change so frequently. For example, Google likes to mix things up every couple of months, which keeps even the best SEOs on their toes.
  • When you start doing your own optimizing, you should keep in mind that results are not instant. In fact, there is no one set rule for timeframes when it comes to ranking in searches. Depending on the keyword difficulty, getting your website to page 1 can take many months. The key is to be patient and not to overdo it otherwise you’ll risk Google or another search engine giving you a slap and punishing you by taking away your rankings.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is analytics. Ensure that your site is set up with some type of analytics tool, to start off with you can use Google Analytics, which is pretty great entry level tool – and it’s free. By gaining an insight into the behaviors of those people that do land on your website, over time with enough data you’ll be able to see trends, such as how long someone spent on one page compared to the other, or how many times a link was clicked on. It’s pretty powerful stuff.
  • When you’re trying to rank your website, you need to make sure your website includes all the basics to ensure Google actually understands what it’s looking at, and what you’re site is all about. Otherwise, when someone types a search term into the search box, Google won’t recognize that your site is linked to what they are looking for. This is where you need to help Google understand.
  • Google is a learning machine. This may sound obvious, but lots of people start to assume that since Google is such a big name and has so much computing power behind it, that “it” thinks like a person. While technology is getting more powerful all the time, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that Google is just a machine, that loves to learn.
  • If you’re doing the SEO yourself. You should keep yourself up to date with the latest in Google updates and other updates from the other large search engines. A fantastic site for this is “Search Engine Land"
  • If you do end up hiring a digital marketing firm to take care of your SEO needs, make sure you ask a lot of questions. Since SEO is not a once off “fix” rather a constant tweaking of many multiple moving parts, the more you learn and understand what it is that they do, the more you’ll be able to do yourself if you so wish.

There are many more things you should strive to learn if you’re deciding to take care of the media traffic yourself. We’ve been doing search engine marketing for quite some time now, and it’s very rewarding. The game is constantly changing and evolving.

We are a leading SEO company in Sydney, and we love what we do.

If you’d like to find out if our company can help your business grow, fill out the discovery form so we can properly diagnose your situation and suggest the most effective strategy for your situation.


Stop Letting Your Competitors Get Your Customers

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